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Thursday, July 5th, 2007
1:57 pm
My very occasional blog
A long quiet day at the office. Yesterday was a holiday - the holiday - in the middle of the week. Sort of a difficult time to have one, except that any break is always good. Wgbsgram & I did diddley. Had breakfast on the patio with the flys - interesting problem how to discourage them. Then piddled around the place. Spent most of yesterday afternoon watching History Channel's series on The Revolution. Very well done. But, it was initially set up as a weekly series and it sure went on a long time. Not sure how many weeks it was supposed to have been set for, but it was hours and hours in one swath.

Capitol Fourth was a bust. Tony Danza - remember from Taxi - was the MC. VEry bad. Then there was some young, allegedly famous - girl star singing the National Anthem. Very Bad. She couldn't/didn't hit about half the notes and tried to put her own spin on it several times. I could have done better, and I don't sing, especially after having my throat cut for the cervical fusion. Embarassing to hear/see her.

Had a great phonecall from TWGB yesterday morning asking if we were coming to the cmap for the holiday. Upon learning that we weren't, he allowed as how he would have to come to see us soon. I think we may be looking at the last weekend in the month, according to Mrs Swampy's recent communications with WGBSGRAM. WE haven't seen any of them since the big zoo birthday party. I'm sure both of them have grown. Just like the ST. Louis contingent. They are so grown up it's hard to realize they are my grandchildren. But, they are and are a great bunch, too. Abby's field trip to the Grand Teton's seemed to have been a big hit. Now, they are all heading out to Hawaii.

We are on our way to Austin the end of the month for a birthday party there. We are both looking forward to it, seeing Kim & Michael and the girls. The Texas Hill Country is beautiful. The blue bonnets were in bloom when I was last down that way. Suspect they have gone by now, but still a nice place.

Monday, June 4th, 2007
11:06 am
Misc Info on the Weeked
Another week has gone by. Saturday morning I went to the law school graduation of my *mentoree*. Jones School of Law, part of Falukner University, a small church related - Methodist I think - college here in Montgomery. I have told you about this child before. She is now deep in her studies for the Bar. She had her mother hood her and her son walked out with her for the recessional. GArrett, the son, you may recall is the one who was so worried that Eli might not have any toys after Katrina and had some little cars for him.

The rest of Sat & yesterday was spent working on the yard & house. We have the sunroom rearranged, much to Robie's dismay. That cat is the origional *Mr. Anal Retentive* He does not approve of change. But, he'll get used to it. Carmen could care less, as long as she gets fed on time.

Ran the string trimmer the rest of the way around the pond. Sore? You betchum Red Ryder. But, it looks good and, give the amount of rain we are not having, it will stay that way for a while. IOT, it won't do a lot of growing. The pond is now almost 2 feet low. Getting bad. But, I will not wish for a tropical storm or similar. The fish can just learn to breathe air and walk.

Today is a state holiday. Jefferson Davis' birthday. The state empoloyees get 13, count 'em, 13 paid holidays a year. Wgbsgram & I will have lunch, whenever she gets out of one doctor's appointment and if there is time before the next thing she has planned. She has the day scheduled for all sorts of running around.

I am off to a third world country in the morning, returning Friday about noon. Where? New Jersey, of course. It's a 3d world country. If you don't believe me, just go there.


Current Mood: sore
Tuesday, May 29th, 2007
7:44 am
post scripum
I forgot to mention that, because of our schedules for the month, wgbsgram decided to give me my Father's Day present early. It is a big (11 foot diameter)umbrella for the patio with a light system that clips around the pole. Very nice. We need to find some additional weights to go on the base as it is larger than the base will support in a good wind, even though the umbrelly has wind gussets built in it.
I'm not sure the mother sparrow who has taken over the wren house approves of it, but . . .TS. When her brood flys away, I'm going to modify that house to keep her out. She found a way in through the vents in the sides. I think I can clost them up with screen wire to make it inaccesable to her. It is for wrens, and chickadees if they decide to move in. Not sparrows.
Monday, May 28th, 2007
7:57 pm
Weekend, part 2
We did more farm work today. Wgbsgram trimmed up the crepe myrtles and the bradford pear in the front while I fished limbs out of and from the banks the pond - which is now about 2 feet low. the drouth is really telling on us. All of these limbs created today went on the burn pile. It's now so big I may not be able to burn it until we've had a major storm system come thru.

Our Blue Bird was acting strangly this morning so we went to check on her. There were ants all around her house. We checked on the babies - at least 3 healthy ones. We sprayed a line around the tree trunk and around the base of the tree. mama Blue Bird calmed down so I guess that's another good works for us.

Feasting today was our usual; potato and 3 bean salad, BBQ ribs and pecan pie. With the house wine of the south, of course. (Iced Tea to your yankees in the readership. Sweetened Iced Tea to be precise.)

With all of the work these past 2 days, we are a little tired, and sore. And, tomorrow is a work day. Sure could get used to these 3 day weekends! Thus, we will be in bed very soon.

Gasoline has hit the $3.00 mark here so we will go back to carpooling as often as our schedules permit.
7:11 am
Holiday Weekend - so Far
We are using thie long weekend to just do very little at all. Sat we did a bunch of shoppping/running around, then enjoyed the patio, smoke from the GA/FLA fires and all. Yesterday we got a little more ambitious; cleaned out and mulched around the wgbsgram grape arbor, then did some trimming around the upper end of the pond. It looks like the weeping willow is dying on us. We'll probably replace it. We trimmed all we could but much of the dead limb mass is higher up than we can safely reach, and really needs something a little more powerful than the hand bow saw we use.

Preperations for the holiday - today - eatin' were also begun. We made potato salad, 3 (+) bean salad and wgbsgram made a pecan pie. - brakfast is ready, more later
Sunday, May 20th, 2007
6:56 pm
Today was a do nothing - at least very little - day. As you know, wgbsgram has been under the weather this week. She has been slow getting her zip back, understandably so, I guess. So, today, we had breakfast and they just relaxation time in the back yard. We started on the pation, then moved on down under the popcorn trees by the birdbath as the sun began to hit the patio. The place was alive with birds of all sorts. We have a pair of bluebirds either building, or feeding in one of the houses on a cottonwood tree up close to the house. they were busy, busy flying back and forth to it. Killdeer were investigating the back yard - one has built a nest on the edge of the drive jsut where it turns to come back along the side of the house. I've staked it out with day-glow ornage stakes to keep various and sundry from running over her.

A sparrow has taken over the wren house we have hanging close to the patio. She was most disturbed about something, so we finally checked the nest and found a dead chick along with the two live ones. We took care of that and she seemed happier.

We are/have been plagued with fox squirrels. they are not nice critters, robbing bird nests for eggs and chicks for dinner. I have shot a couple and trapped one. Another has been around and I have been trying to shoot it but it's been smarter than I. This morning it was around and i took a couple of shots at it, no luck. We moved the trap up closer. It was at the bottom of the tree with the bluebird nest and the bluebirds were dive bombing it. Finally, it got a little too cocky and now it's turtle food. The trap is still set, just in case.

Other than that excitement, we just sat and relaxed and enjoyed the place. This evening as we were having dinner outside, we watched an interesting faceoff/set of moves by the geese. We have two families that have combined tasks of watching the children. They were in the pond up at the head end. Another flock were in the middle and two of the adults with the children group moved out to get between the two flocks and caused the 2d flock to swim away. Very interesting by play.

Other than that, I'm packing for a week long swing thru Calif central valley. Out at 5:57 AM tomorrow and back about 8:45 Thurs. Probably should have stayed one day more, but I didn't want to be traveling on the Friday of Memorial Day weekend.

Thus is life in the slow lane here on Cottonwoods Farm.

Current Mood: relaxed
Monday, May 14th, 2007
8:06 am
Mpther's Day
Yesterday was Mother's Day. I did the usual breakfast for wgbsgram, a fruit compote of strawberries in an orange sauce, reinforced by some triple sec and amaretto, eggs benedict, substituting smoked salmon for Canadian bacon and an orange juiced based sangria. Dinner was, again, salmon done over the charcoal grill, twice baked potatoes (sans the sour cream binder so reasonable healthy), fresh corn on the cob, and fresh asparagus. I think she left the table happy, and stuffed, herself.

In between cookings, I did the usual farm chores, mowed the "back 40" and edged about 1/3 of the pond. Got a little hot so I gave us about 2, showered and lay down for a bit, then went to cooking the dinner. Got it all ready at the same time, too.

The State of PA is nurturing Perigrine Falcons. They have a nesting box on one of the state office buildings in Harrisburg which has several cameras around it and they post this on a web site; www.dep.state.pa.us/dep/falcon/ gives those who are interested the opportunity to keep up with the little rascals. They have hatched and are little balls of fluf right now, but you can watch them grow if you are interested. The Perigrine Falcon is one of the answers to the Rock Dove (common pidgeon) problem in cities. A preferred meal. The falcon has been clocked at speeds of over 200 mph in it's stoop (dive on prey). Beautiful bird, too.

The next two weeks are travel time. Leaving tomorrow morning for New Jersey to get back Fri eve. Then off again Monday morning early for California (Modesto, Tracy and Pleasanton, in the central valley) to get back Thurs eve. All of this is very dependent on Atlantic Southeast Airlines (ASA, also known as Almost Sometimes an Airline). They are our link to Atlanta and real airlines/airplanes and not known for their on-time departures/arrivals. Tomorrow isn't too bad but next Monday I have a 57 minute plane change window in Atlanta. That could be fun. And, their departures from Atlanta for the coming home leg are laughable. Except that when you are on your way home, it really isn't funny when your flight is delayed 20 minutes at a time, for several hours. So, keep your fingers X'ed for me. Obviously, I'm looking forward to the Memorial Day weekend.

Current Mood: lethargic
Friday, May 11th, 2007
7:35 am
Water & Lawns
We have contracted with Scott Lawn Service to take care of the bermuda grass part of the yard. That part around/close to the house. Just the fertilizing/weed control, not the mowing. They are trying to get rid of a sudden influx of crab & dallas grass. Today is the 2d treatment (3 shots a week apart). I'm not impressed with what has happened so far, but I've been trying for a couple of years so . . .

wgbsgram (Dr Mom) got the small push mower out Monday to mow the bermuda grass and couldn't get it to start. Seems the cable from the dead man's switch on the handle to the engine had broken. So, I'm off to Sears this afternoon to get a new one. Hopefully they have it in stock. If not, I'll pay a shipping charge that will be more than the cost of the part. But, no way to cross reference their parts to anything else. I mowed the bermuda grass with the big ZTR mower and it doesn't look too bad. It is so heavy that the tires leave marks in the bermuda grass, tho. Sure goes faster than the 20 inch wide hand mower.

Will finish mowing the rest of the place tomorrow. Need gas first. Then, maybe, edge the pond. Have a big burn pile and need to put more limbs on it, but we are in "Severe drouth" conditions and have a "no burn" situation. That will just have to wait I guess. Wouldn't look good for the VP of the Board of Directors of the VFD to start a grass fire in someone else's pasture.

Mother's Day Sunday. Will do our traditional breakfast and not sure what else. Have been told that she doesn't want anything for Mother's Day. Too bad and I already have her present. Picked it up in Dallas a couple of weeks ago and can't return it.

Traveling the next 2 weeks. New Jersey next Tues - Fri and Calif the following Mon - Thurs. Then, whoopie, a long weekend. Don't plan on gong any further than the mail box and not even there on Monday - holiday you know. Postage goes up 2 cents Monday. That's to pay for the storage of your mail before it finally gets deliverded.


Current Mood: blah
Monday, May 7th, 2007
7:34 am
Great Weekend Party
This past weekend was spent in New Orleans at daughter nolagir's party. We went down Fri eve, after Dr Mom was stuck in a traffic jam from an overturned car on I-85 trying to get home, and we were in another traffic jam on I-10 in MS going down. That one delayed us for about an hour while an accident involving a car/SUV and a motorcycle was cleaned up, including use of a lifefilght helicopter to evacuate one of the injured. Not much left of the motorcycle.

Saturday, daytime was spent trying to help catch-up on the party prep from the rain/flodding of the day/night before. But, the party was a rousing success! We met lots of Kim & Michael's friends including Silverdee, with whom I had the chance to sit and talk for quite a while and, I think, another of the LJ friends, but I was by then under the influence of some pain meds, and a couple of Corona Extras so my very bad memory was even worse. So, if I did meet you and don't remember your name, I apologize.

Anyhow, we, and everyone, had a great time at the party, only tempered by the fact that Kim & Michael are moving to the wilds of Texas.

We met Michael's parents. Wonderful people. No wonder Kim loves them.

Current Mood: tired
Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007
6:56 am
Bath time
Monday afternoon when I got home I noticed that the bird bath was empty. So, I cycled the timer on the hose that feeds it and set it to run twice a day - We have a sprinkler set up on a timer so that the bird bath got filled once a day. After it was filled I saw a bird, our teenage Downey Woodpecker, bathing - with great joy. He was flinging water everywhere, mostly out of the bath. When he finished, the birdbath was less than half full. And, he wouldn't share. Another bird flew up to get a drink and was promptly run off. Last evening it was empty again so I set it to cycle four times a day. This way, hopefully, other birds will get a chance to use the birdbath too. It is getting hot; high about 90, and it hasn't rained in quite a while so I guess this is a nice thing to do, never mind that there is a 2 acre pond not 50 feet from the birdbath.

Current Mood: stressed
Monday, April 30th, 2007
9:44 am
Another Teenager
As I said, I went up to St Louis over the weekend for the birthday celebrations. Daughter Lori turned XX and Granddaughter Abigail became a teenager. I celebrated each birthday with the daughter/granddaughter, took Abby shopping to get her hiking boots for the school trip to the Grand Tetons, advising her to do a lot of walking in them to get used to 1) the boots and 2) walking. (She bikes).

Also made an unscheduled rescue run for grandson Dan. There had been a "Science, Math & Physics" class trip - all schools in St. Louis County - to 6 Flags and there was a bit of confusion about picking him up. But, all's well that ends well. He is growing and becoming a very nice young man. That may not be what a 16 year old wants to hear, but it's the way it is. Pete is also growing - extreme crowing. Almost as tall as I am and he won't be 15 till July. My-my, how things change when you turn your back.

This weekend we will go down to New Orleans for the big "Hurah, it's finished", party for Kim & Michael's house Sat night. I may go to the Jazz Festival with Tad, if he can get tickets - or one for me as I suspect he has them for the family already. Should be a chance to hear some good dixieland. It's almost an endangered species, like real country and western music.

We have a clutch of baby ducks. Dr. Mom saw them Saturday afternoon and called to tell me. Its the first sighting of ducklings this year. No sightings of them yesterday, but we are hoping that nothing has happened to them.

My trip to St. Louis was uneventful but the trip back was not good. First lf all the TSA decided I was untrustworthy looking and did a full search of my carry on suitcase and took my tube of toothpaste because it was bigger than 3 oz. Then, once I got to Atlanta, ASA, as usual, had a delay posted on my flight on home. This delay was "only" an hour and a half. Not too bad for ASA. that makes 3 of the last 4 trips where they have delayed my final leg, one by about 4 hours, getting me home about 2AM the next morning. Whoopie.

Anyhow, back to the old grind.


Current Mood: complacent
Wednesday, April 25th, 2007
2:10 pm
Long afternoon
Spring is in full swing. Our Killdeer hatched her brood and, when you can catch up with them, there are 4 little ones zipping around. Two clutches of Canada geese roaming around. Lots of other twidderpating going on in the area. (Twidderpating - see Thumper's comments in Bambi.) I did set the live trap for the fox squirrel. If I catch him, I'll relocate him to somewhere he ca't bother our ground nesters, or tree nesters, again. Need to remember to check that trap frequently.

The cottonwoods are blooming. Air is full of their seeds and the ground looks like we had a light snow.

Rain tomorrow, maybe. Then Scott's is coming back to retreat the crabgrass & etc. It'll get mowed this eve, regardless. I also need to spray the thistles and other unwelcome plants, like poison ivy, that are cropping up. Control of thistles, like fire ants, is difficult because of the pastures behind and across the road from the place. Never ending story.

Giving some thought to cutting out a little early. Too nice outside to be sitting here in an office.
6:59 am
Wednesday Morning
Dr. Mom is back with it this morning. Her tests showed nothing of importance and she doesn't have to do it again for 5, count 'em, 5 years. No hurt feelings there.

Finished the ZTR mowing yesterday eve. The birds always appreciate the mowing. Guess it stirs up and exposes bugs for dinner. Also refilled the seed feeders. Have a cardinal, or several, who like the seeds but can't seem to get the hang of the feeders. Not at all like the one we had in Selma who "owned" the feeder and, if it was empty, would sit on the windown ledge and peck ont he glass to let us know. We named him Ralph after my uncle who had a similar attitude. Need to do the push mowing this eve. Contracted with Scott to do the lawn fertilizing, etc., stuff this year. Not sure it's worth it. Not looking at all good and the crab grass & wild onion seem to be taking over. Will call them this AM, when they get open, and discuss it.

Drive in this morning was very nice. Sun just coming up, light fog over some of the pastures, cattle munching grass in the fog, very nice way to start the day.

Tomorrow I'm taking herself to B'ham for another round of eye tests. She is alleging she can do it alone, but if they dialte her eyes, well, I remember her comments on the way home last time. No way she is getting into the B'ham traffic in that condition.

Friday morning I'm off to St. Louis to help celebrate birthdays there. The big event is that Abby turns 13, a real, sure 'nuff teenager. Not sure I approve of her growing up but there isn't much I can do about it. Will be home Sunday afternoon.

Next weekend is Jazz Fest and House Finished party in New Orleans. Looking forward to that. I had a good visit with Kim in Austin last week, but it seems you never get to see enough of your children, so I'm looking forward to this visit. Not sure the "girls" will be with her, but I still have plenty of their hair on my big suitcase to remind me of them. I think Lilly did a much more thorough investigation of it than the TSA ever does.

Well, need to finish my expense report and put it on Gary's desk so he can bitch about it when he gets back next Monday.

later . . .
Sunday, April 22nd, 2007
7:22 pm
Ho-Hum, the weekend in over.
It has been a typical busy work weekend. Dr. Mom is still fighting that cold thing and, to add insult to injury, is in the prep stages for a colonoscopy.

Yesterday was shopping day, and back to bed day. Guess the trip was a little more than I thought. Got home about 9PM or so Fri with a good return. Even ASA did things right - someone has most likely been fired over that. Stay at the Fairmont-Dallas was great. What a hotel is supposed to be like. This AM I rehung the big wind chimes, using bigger rope and single block pulleys. Then mowed most of the place. Rest of it can wait a couple of days, considering the price of gas. Has an EMS call thsi moring. Child who has both Downs and autism had fallen, was unconscious. One of those heart grabbers. Insurance be dammed, I drove the rescue engine as we had a minimal response - right at church time. She was conscious when we got there - one of our people lived almost next door. Had very difficult time getting BP or blood O2 levels because she was so small. Had to use blow-by on the O2 as she wouldn't let us put a mask on her. This is not unusual for younger children and all of our people are trained ion the procedure. Got her in ambulance on the way to the hospital. Insisted that the mother ride in the ambulance; she was in no condition to drive. Even had a son drive the dad. The son had found her and done CPR until she became conscious. He had just learned it at his work place. Good on them and good on him. Calls like this one make the others worth while. One of the other departments in the county had a bad one later in the afternoon. Unresponsive adult - probably cardiac arrest. Patient was unresponsive and cold when the call came in. You could hear it in their voice when the called in back in service that it had not been a successful call. We had one on Thanksgiving morning a couple of years ago. Not good. But, part of it and seeing a child recover, well, Guess I grow maudlin. But, it's a great feeling.

I'm being "Helped" by the cats. Carmen is in the wicker rocker taking a bath and Robie is lying in the door so he can keep tabs on everyone. Quite a pair.

Taxes accepted and state refund already back. Another firing, I'll bet. Alabama's Dept of Revinue just doesn't respond that quickly.

That's the news from Cottonwoods farm. More when ever something - anything - happens.


Current Mood: content
Thursday, April 19th, 2007
7:31 am
Cold Light of Morning
Sitting here, about to start a day of meetings. The TV is covered up with the Blaksburg tragedy. The media is turning it into a feeding frenzy circus. The talk is about helping with healing and the public's right to know. But, I suspect it is much more about ratings and sales. No matter how pius and sympathetic they seem. And, watching the local CBS news, I see that Katie Chipmunk Cheeks will do a special this eve. Talk about journalism sinking to new depths.

The guy was seriously disturbed, if we believe even 1/10th of what we are being told. The scary thing is that he reminds me of someone I know. A potential time bomb just sitting there ticking. And there is really nothing that can be done about it.

Then, there is our newly reorganized supreme court, changing a long established precident. I have written Geo W about my feelings of what he and the so called Republican Party have come to. I am conservative in my outlook, but that is tempered by, I hope, experience and compassion. And, Geo W and his ilk have turned what was my party into a farce of what it was. He knows how I feel - well, some low level staffer does, and my letter has been shredded, or maybe passed on to the Secret Service who will key me into the big computer in the sky as a potential trouble maker. Who knows.


Current Mood: angry
Wednesday, April 18th, 2007
8:14 pm
Just ramblings
This must be Wed night for I'm in Dallas. I'm not all that great at typing on the flat. laptop keypads so forgive the occasional(?) blooper.

I left home at 6AM yesterday after getting up at 4, flew to Dallas and drove down to Austin. I spent the night with Kim, met people in her new office, we had a neat dinner at a place that claims to make the best country fried steak in the world. Good claiim. I met with our office there this AM, then drove back to Dallas. I'm at our semi-annual insurance consortium meeting, at the Fairmont-Dalas. Very nice. Just had a most wonderful meal in their main dining room. Smoked salmon with petit greens for appitizer, spinich salad and a most wondrful fillet. Had to pass on the desert menu, No roomd Not sure how I got my eve meds in. Much like the old engineering demo of golf balls, gravel, sand and beer. But, there just isn't room for beer, or a brandy. Boss and accountaints will you-know-what when they see the bill, but TS. Older, well persernve/reserved hotel. Reminds me of the Roosevelt/Fairmont-New Orleans. They have got to re-open that & I will tell them so.

Anyhow, hope this finds you all well. More later, maybe.

Monday, April 16th, 2007
7:27 am
A New Week
This is not going to be a nice day. I'm having the one cup of tea I'm allowed. Other wise, it's NPO until after my shot, and I had to negotiate long and hard to get the one cuppa. Due at the hospital at 2PM with the shot sched for 3. Dr. Mom will take me, then come back to get me. Also rode to work with her so my truck won't be sitting here - plus I need it to go to the airport in the morning. Flight at 6:10; means at the airport at 5:10 so leave the house about 4:45. No time to come get the truck in that sched.

Supposed to get to Dallas at 10:00, then it's down to Austin to spend the day with Kim and the cats. I have a meeting at our Austin office Wed AM so it is somewhat of a business side trip. Then back to Dallas Wed afternoon for the insurance consortium meeting and home Friday. The weekend will be yardwork, fer sure-fer sure.

Income taxes filed along with a check for $4741. Social Security made a big whack in things. Seems I'm taxes at an 85% rate because of our income level, even tho I've already been taxed on 50% of what was put into my SS account. Government math, I guess. Going to start a special SS tax savings account for this year's taxes. Working people just can't get ahead. "The federal government taketh and taketh some more. Blessed be the name of the federal government." I would like to see my money spent in some better ways.

If I can get my brain in gear, today - this morning actually - shold be busy enough that I won't think about not eating/drinking too much. So, I guess I outta get with it.

Current Mood: angry
Saturday, April 14th, 2007
6:11 pm
Storms and the IRS
As usual, I wait till the last minute to finish the taxes, knowing that I owe the fed's money. I think that is a lot better than letting them use extra of mine interest free and then getting a late refund. But, my new Norton stuff is not letting me download updates and the state forms. I'm about to go in and uninstall it! Probably in the AM. Just too frustrated right now. Having a Guiness - I even got the head about right - and watching the last of the storms move on out. They are moving through the SE parts of the state and on into Jawja (Georgia for the uninitiated, or southernese challanged)

Storms - yep, it's spring in Alabama. One bad system came thru Wed night and another is just leaving, our county, now. One possible tornado in the southern part of the county, lots of straight line wind damage, just under 2 inches of rain in the side yard. (much needed rain I might add.)

Will finish the taxes tomorrow AM, Norton or no. Then mow as much as I can, water on the ground permitting. Monday I get an epidural in the afternoon and Tues Am I'm off to Texas for the rest of the week.

Swampytad writes about his lunch. Makes me hungry. Can't get that stuff, in that atmosphere, here, or anywhere else that I know of. Yep, Swampytad, I love that town, too. And, Damn anyone who doesn't.

Current Mood: frustrated
Friday, April 13th, 2007
7:10 am
Friday and Decisions
I saw my orthopedist yesterday afternoon. The bottom line is that surgery will be necessary, sometime - probably soon - but I really need to wait till November when the grass stops growing. First, we're going to try some of the epidural shots, first one scheduled for Monday afternoon. I wanted to have it today, but I have to be off of the asprin for several days. The whole idea is to get it before my trip to Texas so the flight will be, hopefully, a little more comfortable. I hope that having it Monday, before I leave early Tuesday morning will work just as well.

Dr. Mom says that if surgery is what must happen, and if you saw the MRI you'd understand that it is, she wants me to have a different doctor do it. She really doesn't like the one I go to. She says if he'd have operated sooner 10 years ago, I wouldn't be in the shape I am now. We'll see. I sure don't want to go to Birmingham and have her making that drive back & forth several times while I'm there. I suspect that this time it will be a several day hospital stay as there are at least three discs involved. We'll see.

Have severe storms predicted for tomorrow. A follow up to the ones Wednesday. They stayed to the north side of Montgomery and up in Elmore/Tallaposa Counties. Tomorrow's storms are predicted to be more wide spread so who can tell.

Dr Mom is going to Birmingham this afternoon for an MRI as part of the evaluation of her eye problems. Yesterday she got several different voice mails, each with a different time for the test. She's going to try to get that straightened out today. Hopefully.

About all from Alabama the Beautiful, except, of course, for our always fun state legislature. After giving themselves a 61 % pay raise, they opted not to raise the state minimum wage. And now, they are ruckusing over whether or not to "apologise" for slavery. That could get to be fun. Fortunately, they are on their "Spring Break" for a couple of weeks so things may calm down. We are also up to 12 murders here in Montgomery for the year. Getting right up there with the big cities. Whoopie.

Current Mood: stressed
Wednesday, April 11th, 2007
10:38 am
catch up
My computer is smokin' from all the work it has been called on to do this morning. Tons of charts cranked out to satisfy the new regeime. But, maybe they'll pay some attention to them.

Been a quiet week, going no where farther than here to the house. have doctor appointment Thurs afternoon to talk more about what to do with my back. Think he wants to try some of those epidural shots. Not sure that they do any good - I've been there and done that before, but need to do something to keep on truckin' until November and the grass stops growing. I'm afraid, looking at the latest MRI, that more surgery is the only real option. We'll see. If surgery is in the offing, Dr. Mom wants me to see the surgeon in Bham that did the first back surgery on me so many years ago. She doesn't like the guy here who did the last one. But, I don't what her to be driving back & forth to Birmingham while I'm there. So . . .

Off to Dallas next week, with a quick run down to Austin to see Nolagirl. Then there is a 3 day meeting of our insurance consortium. Down Tues, back Fri. Nothing the following week. Dr, Mom has another appointment with the eye doc in B'ham that Thurs afternoon and I'll drive her up so she can get safely back. Hoping to run up to St. Louis the weekend of the 27 - 29 for the birthdays there. Can't really make a firm decision until after I see the doc Thursday.

About got those pesky taxes wrapped up. Maybe tonight. Maybe tomorrow night. Anyhow, before the 17th. Just hate to see all of that hard earned money going to wasteful places, like the US Gov't and the state gov't. I can think of many better places to use it.

Trip to Calif is looming the week of May 22d. Another back to NJ sometime around then and I'm sure there are others hiding in the bushes I just haven't heard from yet. Good for the FF miles if nothing else.

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